Brits Need To “Get Over” Cyber Worries – Says Digital Minister

The UK’s Digital Minister, Margot James has announced that Brits need to ‘get over’ their concerns Cyber Security and privacy. 

Their Solution...

Margot James suggests that UK residents should embrace online identities, and let the government assign them with ID cards.

Margot James is not the only one demanding National Identities. Amber Rudd – now secretary of state at Verify’s beleaguered Department for Work and Pensions, has argued that people are happy to give their data to tech giants, such as Apple and other companies; therefore why wouldn’t they give it to their own government? – Most likely due to a lack of trust.

There has been previous failures of trying to implement such a system of National Identity Cards; specifically over concerns of state surveillance, and the creation of biometric databases. 

Surely, this is just another form of ‘identity’ that people will have to worry about being susceptible to spoofing/theft. Government documents will be far more sought after, and more valuable to malicious users in comparison to email accounts.

If these documents supposedly got breached, and leaked into the possession of malicious users. I anticipate that identity theft, and counterfeit documents would rise. The UK could potentially see a rise in APT activity. Especially with the UK leaving the EU, security leads and intelligence will be reduced. 

In relation to biometric databases, foreign attacks were identified on UK residents DNA. Forcing the data to be transferred to a military base in Wiltshire.  The ‘100,000 Genomes’ project currently holds genomes of 85,000 people.  Click HERE to find out more.

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