Massive Data Breach Hits German Politicians and Journalists

German politicians, journalists and other high profile individuals are assessing the damage of a large data breach which has publicised gigabytes of private data.

The German government, and security agencies have been criticised for not taking internet security seriously – after a large data breach has publicised the private data of hundreds of politicians and celebrities.

Initially, the finger was pointed at foreign governments, specifically Russia – popular for their APT Groups that exfiltrate the data of other nations governments. However, it has been established that the perpetrator was in fact an 19 year old man; who has been taken into police custody and questioned on Monday. 

Police raided the 19 year olds house in the town of Heilbronn in south-west Germany on Sunday, and took away computer equipment, as well as the contents of bins.

‘0rbit’, has taken responsibility for this attack via Twitter, and was publishing the data on their twitter page. However their account has been suspended. The teenager has denied being the main perpetrator behind the leaks, but claims to know “0rbit”, and is currently being treated as a ‘witness’ to the data leak.

The data leak affects many prominent politicians, including the chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The information, was published on Twitter throughout December in incremental stages, which included mobile phone numbers, credit card details, contact information and family photographs. 

Germanys national cyber-security authority, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), says the seure government network has not been compromised. Mitigation efforts are being led by the National Cyber Defence Centre, the BSI said.

This has been labelled as one of Germanys ‘biggest’ data breaches in history.

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